The sensational exhibition in Germany for the first time

Dive into the overwhelmingly fascinating world of water. This exhibition, with its 90 unique displays, pictures and interactive exhibits, reveals the miracle “water” in all its diversity in a way yet to have been seen. You will be taken on a journey through known facts and led to newly-won knowledge about this vital element. International scientists give you insight into the mysteries of this wet element. With its stunning natural backdrop Königssee Lake was chosen as the ideal venue providing the perfect atmosphere for the Secrets of Water exhibition.
Water makes you appreciate your love of life.
It is ready to reveal its secrets.

This exhibition is designed as a journey of self-discovery. Starting with our most liquid form, the fertilized human egg, via the extraordinary, essential characteristics of water and culminating in the memory of water, the visitors receives a plain understanding of how life is organized. Numerous spectacular objects illustrate in an easily understandable manner the secrets of water.

Thematical key aspects of this water-exhibition are

  • Curious characteristics of water
  • Old and new scientific findings
  • Humans - the water miracles
  • Crystal photographs of Dr. Masaru Emoto
  • World in a drop of Dr. Bernd Kröplin (summary)
  • New methods of torture

Our body is constantly challenged by long-term stress. Life quality and inner lust for life have been lost by many in our modern civilization, they are however attainable. This is where this exhibition comes into play: without a wagging finger it highlights options that, without having to make big changes, have a great impact on the overall condition of our body.


St. Leonhards Quellen
Emoto Peace Project
Emoto Labo Europe

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday
12 am - 8 pm (entrance until 7 pm)

Entrance Fees

Adults: 6,50 €
Children (with one adult): free
Additional child: 2 €
Teenagers (15-19 years): 3,50 €
Students (up to 26 years): 4,50 €
Disabled people (with ID): 6 €


From Munich (motorway A8) till exit Bad Reichenhall > Berchtesgaden and Königssee (B20). Big parkingplace (dutiable) in Königssee (part of Schönau).
From Salzburg > Marktschellenberg (B305) > Berchtesgaden and Königssee (B20).
Navi: Malerwinkelweg 1, 83471 Schönau am Königssee
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Anomalies of water
  • More than 80 special characteristics (anomalies) have already been discovered by scientists – in other words cases, in which water does not seem to conform to the laws of physics and chemistry. One single anomaly less and life on Earth would not be possible anymore.
  • In general, if the temperature of a liquid is lowered, the volume of the liquid decreases (the weight increases). It is the same for water until it reaches 4°C. If water is cooled down even further, its volume surprisingly increases again. This anomaly enables the hibernation of flora and fauna under water.
Old and new scientific findings
  • Water has always a tendency to swing and under natural circumstances it starts to meander and move spirally. Water that cannot move starts to go bad.
  • Water is a huge computer which stores information/energy of any kind. Human emotions have the strongest impact on water quality.
  • The rate of growth as well as yield of plants differs according to ethereal water quality. Thoughts also impact plants.
Humans - the water miracles
  • The fertilized human egg is 95% water. At no point do we contain more water. – How is it possible that such a highly complex being as a human can originate from a “drop of water”?
  • The water in our body fulfils different functions as solvent, transportation, cooling agent, reactant and building material..
  • Food has a high water content. The conditions of growth and processing are also stored in food. Depending on the quality of the food it radiates less or more in the ultraviolet spectrum, the so called emission of biophotons.
Crystal photographs of Dr. Masaru Emoto
  • Masaru Emoto achieved a breakthrough with his invention of water crystal photography. With this imaging technique the information of water is made visible.
  • Water is able to react to any kind of vibration. When water is frozen, these energy qualities can create harmonic/beautiful or disharmonious/ugly images.
World of a drop of Dr. Bernd Kröplin
  • Employing image capture using dark field microscopy has allowed us to uncover an astonishing microcosm contained within the inner structure of this commonplace and seemingly familiar medium. One of the most important discoveries made, was the fact that water is not just a solvent for substances such as minerals, enzymes and vitamins, but could in fact transfer information between the cells of an organism. Water “notes” the external influences that have acted upon it.
New methods of torture
  • Mobile phone radiation changes the characteristics of bodily fluids. The Vienna Medical Association has published 10 medical mobile phone rules on how to reduce the risks.
  • Microwaves change the molecular structure of water. Food that has been prepared with a microwave has no more emission of biophotons.
  • Beverage bottles (PET) may contain bisphenol A. This substance acts similar to the female sex hormone estrogen and verifiably disrupts reproduction (Source: Stiftung Warentest).